David Johnson

Following the completion of ‘O’ level studies at Kettering Grammar School, I like many at the time, left school a little unsure as to which direction my work career would develop. An ‘interim’ job with a local engineering company led to the offer of a technical engineering apprenticeship which eventually culminated in qualification as a skilled toolmaker.

I found that this 4 year apprenticeship provided invaluable knowledge and experience within the mechanical engineering sector and on a personal basis gave me the confidence to look for other opportunities to progress my career in what was now my chosen profession.

In the late 70’s, a small local fledgling company was rapidly expanding in the manufacture of machines for processing adhesives and sealants for use in industrial applications and I have been employed in this industry ever since. Starting as a production engineer, demonstration engineer and then progressing into a field service role, I eventually moved into the sales arena and joined my present company, Meter Mix Systems, in January 1994 as Sales Manager.  As the company continued to grow over the years and became established as a market leader, I took the opportunity for career development and embarked on a business studies programme through the Open University and was appointed Managing Director of Meter Mix Systems in 2010.



David Johnson of Meter Mix Systems Ltd.

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