Duncan Middleton

Senior Manager

Duncan joined Festo in 1996 and during the following years he was fortunate to gain a wide range of experience in various roles culminating in his promotion to the Senior Mangement Team in October 2006. As this position was based in the companies Northampton facility this meant relocating from Glasgow with his wife and two children.

Since then he has been responsible for all technical services within Festo GB including design and production of bespoke engineered solutions covering a wide range of PLC control systems, mechanical pick and place assemblies for a variety of industrial sectors including automotive, food, beverage and electronics.

As the growth in these areas has been particularlly strong so has the demand for new talent which in turn led Duncan to the door of the NETP as a source of identifying and supporting the recruitment for young enthusiastic engineering talent.

Since joining the partnership in 2009 Festo have as well as supporting numerous student visits to their facility been an active participant  in the student placement programme which as well as continuing to provide students with excellent experience has also helped Festo recruit several new project engineers so a real win – win for all involved in this unique academic and industrial partnership!

In terms of supporting student excellence Festo are delighted to be able to sponsor the Alan Casey student of the year award with the successful student securing a trip to their German HQ and research and development facility.

In the summer of 2011 Duncan was very pleased to be invited to become Chair person of the NETP a role he has enjoyed so much he has agreed to carry on for a second year!

During this period our efforts will be focused on strengthening the unique partnership with the University in a way that enables the NETP contribution towards student added value to be fully recognised by students and prospective employers.



Duncan Middleton