Gemini Rail Services

We combine the experience and expertise of industry leading companies into one innovative and dynamic team. We are focused on driving technological improvements and delivering high quality solutions that meet the demands of our challenging rail industry.

With offices and facilities based in 3 locations across the UK, Gemini Rail Group offers unique capabilities including a range of own-site or depot based solutions that mean we are able to meet the ever developing needs of even our most demanding customers.

Gemini Rail Services (GRS) - Wolverton

Wolverton railway works was established in Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, by the London and Birmingham Railway Company in 1838 at the midpoint of the 112 miles-long route from London to Birmingham. In 1865 Wolverton was designated as the LNWR Carriage Works, eventually becoming the largest carriage works in the UK and In 1901, Wolverton was the first railway works to use electricity for lighting and driving machinery throughout and had a workforce rising to 4000 people.

Following ownership by Siemens Babcock, Alstom, Railcare and Knorr-Bremse, the new company is now owned by Mutares AG and operates under the name of Gemini Rail Services and offers a full range of market leading vehicle overhaul and modernisation services.

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