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Wednesday, 12 November 2014
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Creating a pool of industry ready engineers

Northants Engineering Training Partners

Northamptonshire Engineering Training Partnership

For over twenty years the Northamptonshire Engineering Training Partnership (NETP) has been at the heart of creating industry ready engineers in the county.

Sitting in the University of Northampton, The School of Science and Technology, the NETP works alongside our successful engineering industry placing degree level engineers into the workplace.

Reinforcing fresh ideas, hard work and rigour to the industry, the NETP is a cornerstone of the continued success of Northamptonshire’s growing engineering sector.


Case Studies

Maria Steffy
What's the word used when we want to express our full heartfelt gratitude towards an opportunity and experience provided by NETP? Whatever it is I need to put it to my vocabulary. I would like to say how proud I am to be a part of the NETP and...
Richard Harvey
Richard, Senior Process Engineer at Aircraft Research Association, won the Alan Casey Award for Best Industrial Placement in 2010, he now keeps us up to date with his career since then.
Simon Reynolds
After completing my studies at Northampton I was employed full time as a design engineer by the company where I undertook my third placement with the NETP, Wykes Engineering. I carried on working there for another year or so, building on the skills...

Engineering Awards

The Alan Casey Award
Best placement student

The Alan Casey Award is presented to the student who performed most successfully during their company placements....

Academic Award
Highest academic achievement

This is awarded to the placement student who attained the highest academic achievement during their placement year....