Formula Student Team November update

During this summer, Mateusz Gizicki and Adrian Dancea have been working on disassembling the bike, Yamaha R6 YFZ 2005. This procedure was done following the Health and Safety Regulations. The engine detached from the bike is now ready to be installed on the Formula Student Racing car.

The design team is comprised of Sam, Ilie, Alex and Mateusz. The team has been consistently working hard towards the design of our race-car Chassis frame.
Currently, the team has finished all the major modelling process of the chassis frame. The design process has been done following the IMechE General Design Requirements.
Meanwhile, the business team is building up new strategies that will ensure a smooth running of the project.
On top of that, the business team is also concentrating on gaining sponsorship and developing future partnerships.
The business team is divided into 3 parts: Administration, Marketing and Finance. These will be working together to achieve the common goal.