Aircraft Research Association (ARA)

Aircraft Research Association (ARA) is an independent non-profit distributing engineering research and development organisation located in Bedford.

ARA was established in 1952 as a wind tunnel test centre for the UK aircraft industry and has developed to encompass a range of aerodynamic tools and engineering technologies.  ARA provides all the complementary services of the aerodynamic design cycle; computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to develop the aerodynamic lines; the design and fabrication of wind tunnel models and high quality engineering products; and the installation and test of the models in its own experimental facilities and the analysis of the test data.

The key aim of ARA is to reduce the engineering design cycle time for the benefit of the customer whilst driving to remain at the leading edge of technology, alert to new and exciting engineering concepts and challenges.

The University's contacts at ARA are Nigel Corby, Business Development Executive and Rob Shribbs, Human Resources and Compliance Executive.  Please visit the ARA website for more information. 

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